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Contact Information

Jeanette Best, Utilities Director 
Utilities Department - Drinking Water Supply
1750 Clara
Mount Clemens, MI 48043
Phone: (586) 469-6847
Fax: (586) 469-7698


Department Overview

The City of Mount Clemens is a full service Water & Sewer Community that has owned and operated its own facilities since 1888! Our Water Filtration Plant is located on the shores of Lake St. Clair at the end of Crocker Avenue. The Wastewater Treatment Plant is located next to the Gibraltar Trade Center off of North River Road. A network of water main pipes and sanitary sewer pipes connect these facilities to your home. Also, networks of storm sewer pipes carry rainwater off your lot and street and direct the water to the Clinton River or to the Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Wastewater Treatment and Stormwater Drainage Services

Drinking Water Quality Report 2016

Regional Water Quality Information Management System (RWQIMS)

24-Hours Service

If you have a water & sewer emergency during our regular business hours of 7:00 am to 3:00 pm Monday through Friday please call the Utilities Department at (586) 469-6892 Ext 502. Any other time day or night call the Sheriff Department at (586) 469-5151 and they will dispatch a Utilities Department Worker to your house.

Water/Sewer Rates for 2013

Water Rates

Water rates are to be charged and collected monthly or quarterly in accordance with the following schedule:

Effective July 1, 2015, water rates and fees are to be charged and collected monthly or quarterly in accordance with the following:

Service Charge: $8.71 (Monthly Billings), per inch of meter size (minimum 1 inch)
Service Charge: $26.13 (Quarterly Billings), per inch of meter size (minimum 1 inch)

Consumption Charge (Per 100 Cubic Feet): $3.34
**1 unit of water=100 cubic feet or 748 gallons

Sewer Rates

Effective July 1, 2014, wastewater rates and fees are to be charged and collected monthly or quarterly in accordance with the following:

Service Charge: $6.67 (Monthly Billings), per dwelling unit for all non-residential customers

Service Charge: $20.01 (Quarterly Billings), per dwelling unit for all residential customers

Consumption Charge (Per 100 Cubic Feet): $4.38 (Residential) as recorded by water meter
Consumption Charge (Per 100 Cubic Feet): $4.38 (Non-Residential) as recorded by water meter

**1 unit of water=100 cubic feet or 748 gallons

Outdoor Water Meter Use Option

The City of Mount Clemens, like most other cities, uses the water meter in your home to determine charges for sanitary sewers. The assumption is that most of the water used in your home eventually flows into the sanitary sewer (showers, clothes and dish washing, toilets, etc). Therefore your water and sewer bill has two rates, one for water and one for sewer. Both are based on the water that flows through your water meter. This assumption is appropriate in most instances. However, water that is used outside on sprinklers doesn’t end up in the sewers. Therefore it you use a lot of sprinkler water, you are paying sewer charges for water that doesn’t end up in sewers. With the popularity of sprinkler systems, this cost can be significant.

The City of Mount Clemens, in an effort to save you money, allows the installation of a second water meter that measures only water that goes outside of your house to the sprinklers. When your water and sewer bill comes, the sewer rate will only be charged on that water that is used in the house.

This program is optional for the property owner/building owner. A second or dual meter can be installed to meter water that is directed exclusively to a sprinkler system or outside spigot/connection such as to a swimming pool and will not enter a sanitary sewer. The installation of a dual meter in the home would allow the sewage rate to be billed only on that amount of water that enters the sewer system through the home. Sewage fees would not be charged on the water that flows through the second meter for outside use. An estimated cost for the second meter installation is currently $561. Although the cost for the permit and meter is fixed ($236), plumbing work in your home will also have to be completed. These plumbing costs will vary depending upon the complexity of the changes in piping required to install the second meter. For estimating purposes, we recommend using $325.

Any water and sewer customer can take advantage of this program. The customer, however, should evaluate individual circumstances based on use to calculate cost effectiveness.

Policy on Water Service Line Leaks

The City is responsible for the water service line from the tap on the water main up to and including the curb stop. The building owner is responsible for the water line from the connection to the curb stop into the building. The building owner is responsible for repair and or replacement on the building owners’ side of the curb stop (including the connection to the curb stop).


When the curb stop valve is shut the water stops leaking ---- indicates that the leak is in the homeowner/building owner pipe to house/building.

Policy on Sewer Back-ups (Public Act 222)

What should I do when my sewer is backing up?

Call the Utilities Department at one of the following numbers:
Main Office - 7:00am to 3:00pm Weekdays
(586) 469-6889 Ext. 502
After Hours and Holidays Emergency Number
Sheriff (586) 469-5151
A representative of the Utilities Department will respond as soon as possible by visiting the site to determine if the problem is the responsibility of the City or the user. After business hours, the Utilities Department has an on-call duty man to maintain 24-hour coverage with no service fee

Whose Sewer is it?

The Utilities Department cleans and maintains the main line sanitary sewers generally located in the center of the street. The building owner is responsible for keeping the building service sewer clear between the building and the main sewer. However, the Utilities Department may attempt to clean a blockage in the building service sewer if there is an available six inch clean out at the curb.

Who do I call To Clean My Building Service Sewer?

If conditions allow, call three drain cleaner specialists to compare prices. Ask each what the minimum cost is? How many feet of cleaning does this include? How much for each additional foot? Do they offer a warranty? If so, how long and what does it include? If one bid is extremely low you may wish to ask for references, call the Better Business Bureau etc. Once they open up the drain ask them to clean it with the largest cleaning tool they can safely use.

What Should I do If They Can Not Clean My Sanitary Sewer Lead Because a Broken Pipe Has To Be Replaced?

It is suggested that you hire a drain contractor with equipment to insert a closed circuit television camera into the sanitary house lead to locate and view the obstruction. It is much cheaper to locate and view the problem and possibly clean your sewer before it is excavated for repairs. Drain cleaning contractors with this type of equipment are listed in the phone book. If it is confirmed that your sanitary sewer lateral needs to be replaced be advised any contractor hired must be registered with the Community Development in the City of Mount Clemens. Not all drain cleaning contractors are registered to repair and/or install sanitary sewer laterals. Registered contractors must meet certain standards, have proper insurances and post a bond covering their work. Calling three contractors for price estimates is also suggested if time allows.

My Basement Flooded What Should I Do?

During and following flooding, contact utility companies for information and advice on precautions and safety measures. Do not handle connected electrical cords or appliances if the current is still on. Do not light a flame in an enclosed area containing gas fired or oil fired appliances. If electricity is connected to an appliance which has had the motor controls submerged, do not attempt to start it until you have consulted a qualified service company.

Where should I Dispose of My recreational vehicle waste?

The City of Mount Clemens Wastewater Treatment Plant accepts recreational vehicle (RV) waste.  Please contact the Utilities Department for further information on disposing of your RV waste at (586) 469-6889, extension 502, weekdays between 7:00am and 3:00pm.

Public Act 222

In compliance with Public Act 222, if you experience an overflow or backup of the sewage disposal system, you must file a written claim with the City of Mount Clemens within 45 days after the overflow or back-up was discovered. Failure to provide the required notice will prevent recovery of damages.

To receive a Notice of Claim form, please contact the City of Mount Clemens Utilities Department at (586) 469-6889 Ext. 502 or by mail at Mount Clemens Utilities Department, 1750 Clara, Mount Clemens, MI 48043.