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Contact Information

City Assessor's Office
Nancy Strehl, Assessor

Phone: (586) 469-6818 ext. 4
Fax: (586) 469-7603


The City Assessor's Office identifies, lists and values all real and personal property in the city of Mount Clemens. Information is gathered and analyzed throughout the year in order to determine the value of each property as of December 31st (tax day). This information is available to the public at the Assessor's Office during office hours, from 8 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. each weekday except for holidays.

The following property information may be accessed through the Assessor's Office using the property owner's name, parcel code number or property address.

  • Maps showing lot dimensions and ownership
  • Assessed and taxable values of property
  • Sales information including date and price paid
  • Property owner's name and mailing address
  • Homeowners Principal Residence Exemption Affidavit forms and information
  • Poverty Exemption application forms
  • Sketches and square footage of buildings
  • Year a structure was built
  • Special assessment information
  • Property descriptions
  • Appeal procedures are available online at and as hard copies in the City Assessor's Office.
  • Property tax law information, procedures and deadlines



State Tax Commission Affidavit Disabled Veterans Exemption of PA 161


Additional Links

State of Michigan Assessment and Tax Forms - click this link to access the State of Michigan Treasury Department website.  Once on the site, select "Local Government Services", then "Forms/Instructions".  All forms are listed by category.



Frequently Asked Questions -

How can I find out the recent sale price and date of sale of a particular property in Mount Clemens?

Call the City Assessor's Office at (586) 469-6818 ext. 4.

What are my taxes for the year?

To find out what the taxes are on a given property in Mount Clemens, contact the City Treasurer's Department at (586) 469-6818 ext. 1.

What is the difference between assessed value and taxable value?

Assessed value is 50% of market value, while taxable value (used to levy property taxes) is, in most cases, less than that. However, when a property is transferred or sold, the taxable value of a property is "uncapped", or becomes equal to the assessed value, for the year following the year in which the sale or transfer took place.

How can I find out what I paid in taxes last year?

Contact the City Treasurer's Department at 586-469-6818 ext. 1 to find that information.

When does the Board of Review meet?

The Board of Review meets three times a year - in March, July and December.  Every year the March Board of Review meets on the third Monday and Tuesday of March.  The July Board of Review meets on the third Tuesday of July for corrections only.  The December Board of Review meets on the second Tuesday of December for corrections only.

Do I have to appear in person at a Board of Review session?

No. A letter of appeal can be just as effective. The key is to research the local real estate market for similar properties that were recently sold. A member of the City's Assessor's Office can assist you with finding comparable information. Alternatively, a recent appraisal of your home can be submitted to the Board of Review as evidence of market value.

Why do I pay more in taxes than my neighbor when our assessed values are the same?

Taxes are calculated based on taxable value. Similar properties cannot be compared by looking at taxable values or tax bills, because Proposal A creates disparities between similar properties and their taxable values. The assessed value of your property is determined based on the local real estate market and is the only accurate indicator of uniformity among property values. For more information see How Property Values are Calculated.

How do I find out if there are any special assessments on my property?

Contact the City Treasurer's Office at (586) 469-6818 ext. 1.

Is my property in a floodplain?

Contact Community Development at (586) 469-6818 ext. 2 for in-depth information on floodplains and whether or not your property could be located within one.

How do I find out why I received a delinquent tax bill from the Macomb County Treasurer's Office?

Contact the Macomb County Treasurer's Office at (586) 469-5190.

How can I find out the parcel code number of a property in Mount Clemens?

Contact the City Assessor's Office at (586) 469-6818 ext. 4.

Is there any easy way to figure what my taxes will be if I buy a house?

Yes, refer to How Property Taxes are Calculated.

I just sold (or bought) my house. What forms do I need to file with the City of Mount Clemens detailing this transaction?

Contact the City Assessor's Office at (586) 469-6818 ext. 4.