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Information Technology


The mission of Information Technology is to provide innovative, timely, cost-effective and accessible technology in computing, media and telephone services to enable city government to effectively meet their goals in servicing the citizens. To accomplish this mission, Information Technology works collaboratively with all staff throughout city government to provide technological leadership which emphasizes empowerment of the individual through the use of technology. Information Technology is entrusted with the fundamental responsibility to provide strategic planning and technical direction in the integration of varied new and existing information technologies, to enrich the overall function of city government, and to provide leadership in the efficient and effective use of a vital city resource - information.

Information Technology areas of responsibility:

Helpdesk: PC Hardware, PC Software, Networking, Munis, Windows Server, Support, VMS Support and Adds, Moves and Changes.

Security: Antivirus (Email, Servers and Desktops), Firewall, Software Patching, Routers and Switchers.

Infrastructure: Cabling (Copper and Fiber), Switches, Routers, Media Converters, Servers, Backup, Voice and Video.

Software: Applications Support, Applications Development, Licensing and Compatibility.

Policies and Standards: Server Configuration, Desktop Configuration, Network Configuration, PC Acceptable Use Policy and Internet Acceptable Use Policy.